Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera specs tipped — Google Pixel 6 seen shrugging.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might not have the biggest of camera upgrades when compared to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra . The arms race for bigger and bigger screens never made sense, and with LG existing the smartphone business, there’s frankly less competition for Samsung to worry about in terms of specs. That would still make the S22 Ultra a two-handed affair, but it would be slightly easier to reach your thumb towards the center of the display. According to Mauri QHD, the Galaxy S22 will get a 6.06-inch display, down from 6.2 inches in the Galaxy S21. Presumably, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus would continue to offer 120Hz refresh rates, but without the ability to adapt on the fly.

Samsung Galaxy S22 could save us from oversized phones. If this rumor is accurate, the Galaxy S22 Ultra would be the only new Samsung flagship to offer LTPO technology. And if the early leaks are accurate, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 will sport a 6.2-inch screen up front and 7.5 inches on the inside.

According to Mauri QHD, who has a pretty good track record with Samsung leaks, Samsung is shrinking the displays on the Galaxy S22 lineup compared to the Galaxy S21. Plus, there’s a great new Pixel 6 Magic Eraser tool that can zap photo bombers and other unwanted objects from your pics. While the Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of our picks for the best phone cameras , we’ve come to expect Samsung to improve its cameras with each new flagship phone — at least with the Ultra models. Over the past few generations of Galaxy phones, Samsung has really shown it can improve its image signal processing and computational photography to deliver impressive shots. And I have one thing to say about that possibility — good.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max, for example, measures 6.7 inches, and that’s a really big phone. So Samsung will need to pull something special out of the bag to compete early next year, when the Galaxy S22 line up is expected to make its debut. The Galaxy S21 can do portrait mode video, but it’s not as compelling. The best Android phones right now release date, price, specs and leaks Plus: Oppo X 2021 rollable phone looks like the future — but the future is a long ways off.

Perhaps Samsung is hearing it from customers that its phones are just getting too darn big. At least when it comes to hardware. Its chipset is tipped to be a tie up between Samsung’s Exynos silicon and AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics. The regular iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro both sit at 6.1 inches, which I find to be almost too compact, so I see a 6.5-inch Galaxy S22 Plus as a happy medium between the rumored iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. In many ways, we’d be more interested in seeing Samsung do more on the video side rather than in capturing stills.

Cameras aside, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is shaping up to be an impressive flagship phone, not least because it could be the spiritual successor to the Galaxy Note. S22 Ultra camera108mp Improved version of HM3 main 1 / 1.33 "0.8 um F1.8 FOV 8512MP 0.6X sony 1/2.55" 1.4um F2.2 FOV 120 10MP 10X new sony 1/3.52" 1.12um F4.9 FOV 1110MP 3X new sony 1/3.52" 1.12um F2.4 FOV 36October 26, 2021. On paper these camera specs are nearly identical to those of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s rear cameras. At the same time, Samsung is trying to push more and more customers toward foldable phones. The Samsung Galaxy S22 isn’t expected to launch until early 2022, but there’s already a big rumor to chew on.

The ultra-wide-angle camera is tipped to come in at a familiar 12MP, same as before. Galaxy S22 camera software story. These specs once again suggest that there won’t be a big upgrade, including the rumored 200MP main camera. (That rumor’s been shot down previously.) While a lot of photography is subjective — some might prefer the contrast-heavy shots of a Pixel phone against the heavier color saturation of Galaxy handsets — Samsung phones have gotten better at capturing details, low-light photography and overall computational photography generation to generation. The Galaxy S22 Plus would also see a reduction in size from 6.7 inches on the Galaxy S21 Plus to 6.55 inches. : Can Samsung beat Apple? The best phones you can buy today Plus: Everything we know about Dune 2. Creating more of a size gap between the Fold 3 and Galaxy S22 Ultra could spur more interest in the new Fold, especially if the reports around a lower Fold 3 price comes true.

These new Pixel 6 camera capabilities include a new Motion mode that can blur out the background and a long exposure mode for creating artistic effects around moving objects in your images. Thus far, a lot of these information tidbits remain unconfirmed rumors. But we’re expecting the Galaxy S22 to arrive in the first quarter of 2022, so we may not have too long before we see what Samsung does next with its flagship phones.

The current Galaxy S21 Ultra sports a mammoth 6.9-inch OLED display, which will allegedly come down to 6.81 inches for the S22 Ultra. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera specs tipped — Google Pixel 6 seen shrugging. And both 10MP telephotos cameras are rumored to be much like those on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, only with improved sensors and slightly larger pixel sizes, which should make for better low-light photography. Ice Universe claimed the main sensor will come in at 108MP and sport an f/1.8 aperture, though the camera’s sensor will get an upgrade.

This allows the screen refresh rate to scale from 120Hz all the way down to 1Hz, which can help save battery life. And the iPhone 13 Pro Max is rumored to be the same size for this fall’s launch. That’s according to reasonably reliable tech tipster Ice Universe, who tweeted what they claim are specs for four of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s rear cameras. A 6.06-inch Galaxy S22 would give Samsung a more direct rival for the iPhone 13, which should have the same 6-inch panel as its predecessor. The Samsung Galaxy S21 captures pretty solid videos at high resolutions and frame rates, but arguably the results it delivers can’t keep up with those of the iPhone 13 range when it comes to HDR performance and its new Cinematic mode.

That’s worthy of an eyebrow raise, given that both the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Google Pixel 6 Pro have shown off some stellar smartphone photography chops in recent weeks. But both Apple and Google have raised the bar with their recent flagships, and Google has added a bunch of compelling features to the Pixel 6. That’s the same GPU architecture found in the PS5 and Xbox Series X ; that could deliver some seriously impressive gaming on the go. Even the Galaxy S22 Ultra might be less Ultra this time around.

As much as I love the capabilities of the S21 Ultra — especially its powerful Space Zoom telephoto feature — I find it too unwieldy to use as my daily driver. So there’s no reason to expect Samsung to not continue this trend with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Some people might see the Laptops & Computers Galaxy S22 potentially shrinking as a downgrade, but I see it as a positive development.

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